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Monday, August 29, 2011

Game Helper Feedback

Thanks everyone who downloaded and tested Game Helper

So far the feedback is 

- to me, starting with one die, then adding more makes more sense than starting with 15 on the screen.
- would be nice to have the dice scale to fit the screen (e.g. a single die will take up full screen)
features ideas:
- use the accelerometer so you can shake the phone the roll the dice.
- use volume buttons (or user defined button) for counter as additional input (so you don’t need to look at screen to action).

 stats button seems to do nothing?

I am working on accelerometer and adding the volume buttons. Starting with one die 

Scaling the die will take a bit.

The stat screens is just a place holder for now. Was thinking of storing all of the dice rolls.

Keep the comments coming :)

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